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Is Love Alive Puck/Rachel PG-13 (1/?)

Title: Is Love Alive
Author: toritinkcouture
Pairings: Finn/Rachel eventual Puck/Rachel
Raiting: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 1,869
Summary: Rachel is in an abusive relationship and doesn't know how to get out of it. When help comes along the way will she be able to accept it?

A/N: This is my first Livejounal fic! Hope you like it!

The buzzing and horn blowing of cars doesn’t faze her as she makes her way to the small diner, located in the corner of the street. She’s been living here for about five years, since she accepted her full ride to Julliard when she turned eighteen. She had been going to this diner since she lived here, she accidently found this place when she got lost in the rain, seeking to find shelter. She made a handful of friends there, knew the staff’s names by heart, and got free coffee since she was a regular customer. The familiar ringing of the bell and warm gush of air brightened her spirits as she walked in the tiny place. Gracie, one of the oldest waitresses there, immediately smiled at her with her flashy white teeth.

“Rachel darling!” She announced as the cooks, waiters, and some of the regular customers acknowledged her presence.

“Hi.” She gave a timid smile before sitting in her usual seat, glancing through the menu she had already memorized.

“Oh sweetie you don’t need that!” Gracie laughed “What can I get cha’ today?”

“Coffee, ooh and one of those muffins!” Gracie laughed shaking her head.

“Ah, this is one of your ‘Ordering Take Out Days’ isn’t it?” She gave a knowing smile.

“Yup.” Rachel smiled “You know me so well.”

“So, how’s you and pretty boy?”

Rachel rolled her eyes “For the thousandth time, it’s Finn. And hmm I don’t know, you tell me.” Rachel put out her hand and Gracie almost screamed once she saw the diamond ring on her finger.

“Oh my God, Rachel you lucky girl!” Rachel blushed “It’s so beautiful, oh this must have cost him a fortune!”

“I guess it could’ve.” Rachel smiled admiring the ring “I can’t believe he proposed!”

“When did he do that?”

“Last night! I couldn’t wait to show you!”

“Well I’m happy that you’re happy.” Gracie gave her an uneasy smile, she didn’t know much about Finn, she’d only seen him once, and he sort of looked like a nice guy, something about him though, wasn’t quite right.

“BABY WHERE WERE you?” Finn asked kissing her head as she smiled walking into their apartment.

“The diner.” She replied simply hanging her coat on the coat rack.

He groaned “I don’t know what you see in that place. It’s tiny, dingy, and has bad decorat- ”

“I so happen to love that place, I have many friends there. They’ve had my back since I came here.”

He rolled his eyes “Like I’ve haven’t had your back-“

“Don’t get jealous over a restaurant.”

“I’m not jealous, you’re just spending way too much time there is all.”

 “You know what Finn? We aren’t having this discussion right now.” Rachel huffed grabbing a container and walking into their room.

IT WASN’T TOO long before she heard knocking on the closed door. She had already changed into her PJ’s and was watching a movie, curled up in the bed.

“Rach? Baby I’m sorry. Can we talk?”

She always fell for it. She opened the door without hesitation and he smiled walking in.

“Rach, I-“ She silenced him by kissing him on the mouth.

“No apology required, it was a stupid fight anyway. We’re okay.”

“You sure?” He asked kissing her cheek.

“Mhmm, I’m sure.” Rachel smiled and pecked him again.



“To be honest.” She sighed and sat down on their bed “I think that diner is keeping you away from me.”

Rachel laughed “What?”

“Well, you go to school, you go to the restaurant spend two hours there, come back home for dinner and maybe if you have a paper you start it, maybe even finish it then go to bed.”

She laughed again “That’s not true Finn.”

“And, eating four meals a day isn’t really helping you maintain your figure.” Her mouth widened at the remark.

“I am not fat!” She crossed her arms “And I do not eat four meals a day!”

He gave her a nasty smirk “I didn’t sleep with Santana for nothing. She was hot, still is.” Finn left the room and Rachel felt as if she couldn’t breathe.

Did he just admit he’s still sleeping with Santana? She thought, she felt her throat burning, and tears leaking out of her eyes. Was she really fat? Was she not hot? What did Santana have that she didn’t have? Sure Santana was much skinnier than her, she had bigger boobs, a nice tan. Rachel was olive skinned, pretty much normal sized, and short. Not much shorter that Santana though. But Santana did have something, Rachel didn’t. Finn’s virginity. Rachel was still a virgin, Santana wasn’t. Unvirginized Finn and Unvirginized Santana. Put two and two together…

Rachel opened the door and saw Finn slumped casually on the couch watching tv.

“Did you cheat on me?!” She asked, her voice trying not to waver.

He didn’t answer “Finn, did you cheat on me?” She asked more firmer this time.

She watched as he walked up to her slowly, she could feel fear creeping up slowly in her chest. It was sudden, he grabbed her with his strong calloused hands and shoved her violently against the wall. She couldn’t help but whimper. She was sure she was going to get a bruise, her shoulder was digging into a sharp edge of the wall.

“None of your fucking business. Don’t ask me again.”

Rachel sniffed and started crying. The back left shoulder hurt. She saw remorse in his eyes and he let her go. She ran into the room they shared, and laid on the bed. She didn’t know what to do, or what to think at that time. The man that had just proposed to her the night before, her soon to be husband hurt her.

“Rach baby.” She heard his voice say and footsteps come into the room “Baby I’m soo sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, baby I’m so sorry.” She felt his now gentle hands on her, she felt something cold on the back of her neck she looked up and saw him with sad eyes looking at her “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He kissed her all over her face “I won’t do it again baby I promise. Here let me see your shoulder.”

Rachel turned around so he could see her shoulder. There was a nasty bruise, it was turning a purple-ish color.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry.” He kissed the bruise gently and sighed in what sounded like relief “Good thing you can cover it up with your hair.” He turned her around and kissed her cheek “Just keep icing it.” He gave her a warm smile “You okay?”


His brows furrowed “What is it?”

“What just happened?” She asked quietly playing with her fingers.

“Nothing happened.” He said quickly “It was an accident.”

“I-Yeah it was.” Rachel said unsurely, but that was enough of an answer to Finn, he smiled and kissed her cheek.

“You’re fine.” He seemed to answer for her before he got up from the bed “Just ice it.” Rachel nodded before walking towards the bathroom



He smiled “You’re going to be a good wife.” Rachel gave a forced smile back as he left their room.

She wasn’t fine, she wasn’t fine at all. She was absolutely afraid of Finn now, all he did was pin her to a wall and she got a bruise from him. What would happen tomorrow? Or maybe even in a few minutes when she would have to go to sleep with him in the bed? What would happen when they got married?

He promised it wouldn’t happen again Rachel, just trust him She said to herself Everything will be fine, besides, he felt bad afterwards. If he did it on purpose he wouldn’t feel bad. You’re okay, just take a nice warm bath, maybe treat yourself to a mask, put on those really comfy pajamas on and hop into bed. She smiled at the thought and did just that.

Finn walked in when she was in bed, about to go to sleep. Through her droopy lids, she saw him smile at her. He kissed her head and walked into the closet to get changed. Rachel sighed and fell asleep.

“RACH I CAN’T believe you’re getting married!” Brittany squealed “So he proposed?”

She smiled “Yea two days ago.” She squealed again.

“Does Kurt know? Oh he would be so happy! “ Brittany smiled “But wait, Rach you sure? You sure you want to spend your life with him?”

“Of course!” She said quickly “I want to spend my life with him.”

“I mean Rach, he cheated on you twice are you sure he hasn’t done that anymore?”

“Well…he did say something last night. He said that Santana was hot, still is.”

“Well he’s not lying.” Brittany shrugged sipping her tea.

“But also said that I was…I was fat.”

Brittany spit her tea as Rachel said this “Is he crazy?! You look fine! Honestly Rach, Santana envied you in high school. That’s why she was so mean to you! 95 percent of it was jealousy, 5 percent of it was just pure bitch. Just dump his ass right now while you have the chance.” She began to clean up her mess “Don’t tell me he’s the one who caused that bruise on your shoulder.”

“I don’t have evidence that he’s cheating on me. You can see that?”

Brittany jumped out of her seat “HE DID DIDN’T HE?! OH THAT SON OF A BITCH IS GOING DOWN-“

“Brittany, please-”

“Have you told your parents?”

“Brittany it was nothing, just an accident. He didn’t mean to-“

“He did mean it!”

“Please Brittany don’t tell anyone.”

Brittany sighed “You’re a crazy one, you know that Berry?” She folded her arms “If you die, I won’t be able to live with that the rest of my life.”

“He promised he wouldn’t do it again.”

“He better keep that promise-“

“He will.” Rachel said firmly “It was just one accidental altercation. And he iced it afterwards!”

“Fine.” Brittany muttered “Your secret is safe with me.”

Rachel sighed in relief and smiled at Brittany “Thanks. Now change of subject. I start my job at the dance studio tomorrow!”

“Oh what are you teaching?”

“Ballet, 2-3 at six and 4-5 at seven.” Rachel smiled “I’m just glad I got the job.”

Brittany smiled back “I know how much you love kids.” She took another sip of her tea ”Have anything to do today?”

“Nope just hanging out with you Britt.” Rachel took a sip of her tea “No classes today.”

“Nice.” Brittany smiled “Wanna go shopping? How about we go buy some stuff from MAC?”

“Sure, I could use some more makeup.”

Brittany got up to put her cup in the sink “Afterwards we’re going to the spa, to give yourself a pick me up.”

“Why would I need one?”

“Because you look stressed my dear.” Brittany placed her cup in the dishwasher.

“I’m just tired is all.” Rachel slipped on her coat as Brittany did the same.

Brittany sighed, Rachel was acting like Finn never even laid a finger on her “C’mon, let’s go.”





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